Ok, can whoever’s found it, please give me my identity back

Ok, can whoever’s found it, please give me my identity back

This morning I woke up feeling rather chipper. It happens sometimes.

Focusing our professional identity could be one of the most important things we do today. It gives us strength, direction and a compass. It gives us a solid foundation on which we build our careers, our businesses and in most cases, our lives.

Focus is important. For anything, focus is important. But for a professional to not have a clear focus on their market, role and skill set is disastrous.

Same as a business. Same as a brand.

Spending the past few years helping clients with theirs, this past few months I’ve been in the painful throes of focusing my own professional brand. And yesterday I had a miniature revelation as I was running along the beach.  It stayed with me.

You see I seem to have misplaced my identity somewhere. In all the hullabaloo of building businesses and helping other build theirs, my own brand is not where I left it. It’s not where it used to be. I feel like Cadbury-Schweppes opening a car stereo division.

There’s something missing and I feel a little off centre.

Now, I have healthy skills in digital marketing and ecommerce. I have a penchant to tweek and tinker with the digital levers that help customers buy, or not. Merril would say I’m obsessed. I’m not so sure. It’s creative. It comes with problems to solve and things to build. So many psychological triggers to pull and experiment with. It’s fun. It fascinates and inspires. It exhilarates and disappoints. It’s an emotional version of Crowded House’s Four Seasons in One Day (look it up if you weren’t born then).

But it’s all a little too fuzzy for my liking.

Ever had this problem? Ever had this feeling?

I’m still looking for mine. If you find it please return it.

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash