How good marketing exploits a quirk in our DNA

How good marketing exploits a quirk in our DNA

Numb. Smart & Skeptical. 

This is your audience and maybe potential customer. But it's relationship we really want.

It can take years to build or seconds. It’s based on trust. It’s the deciding factor in whether or not I’m going to hand over my money for what you’re selling. So how can you build this into your marketing message? You help them to get to know you, come to like you and grow to trust you. After that, they’ll probably buy from you.

Your website

Your website is your home and it plays one of the most important roles in you being found. But it doesn’t go it alone. It’s a platform. You’ll need stuff to go in it if you want it to be anything other than an online flyer. And this ‘stuff’ is the content you create or have created for you - the blog articles, images, videos, podcasts & illustrations. 

It’s not your product or service descriptions or sales messages. Your content’s sole purpose is to woo your customers with ideas, help & entertainment, to answer their Googled questions and show them you really know what you’re talking about. And if your quality is good enough, you’ll then have a chance to convert them into customers.

This is called Content Marketing.

It’s the most powerful form of marketing you will ever do. Because no matter how big or small your advertising budget, with beautiful, engaging articles, images and video on your site, your audience will begin to know you, they may even kinda like you and over time they’ll trust you and your brand. And then you know what happens? They’ll begin to buy from you.

1. It works because your audience is numb.

They’re being bombarded with messages every second of every day.

2. It works because your audience is smart and skeptical.

They don’t trust advertising anymore. And unless it’s a simple call to action or announcement, whatever you tell them in an ad banner just won’t cut it.

3. It works because your audience wants to be educated and entertained.

Traditional advertising just gets in the way of us having a good time.

4. It works because we all want a relationship with another human being. It’s what holds society together.

It’s in our DNA.