Design Your Brand Name for A Noisy Cafe

Design Your Brand Name for A Noisy Cafe
Never place two glottal stop consonants together

Your Brand Name

Your digital business has a name and that name you will say over and over again in the course of your daily hustle. The best brand names work audibly. Google. The best brand names are simple. Apple. The best brand names often merge two incongruent words together: Facebook The best brand names often use an incongruent suffix: Atlassian.

The best brand names don’t place glottal stop consonants together

A big mistake I made with an early brand name was placing two words together that looked good on the screen but sounded awkward when spoken aloud. ‘Fast Creatives’ places two glottal stop consonants together, the ending ’t’ of Fast and beginning ‘c’ of Creatives. A glottal stop consonant forces your glottis, the part of your larynx where your vocal chords reside, to close completely. Said on their own, fine. We use them all the time. Placing two together sounds awkward.

A good test is to try saying your name to someone in a crowded noisy cafe and see how long it takes them to understand it.

Your Domain URL

Before you settle on a name, check the ‘.com’ is available. People, your clients and prospects, are generally not as up with new online tech developments as you are and are normally hard wired to expect a ‘.com’ on the end. Using something other than this creates one extra hurdle to a sales conversion that you don’t really need. Think back to the noisy cafe test or if you’re ever interviewed on a podcast. Your URL is how people find you. Make it easy for them. If you’re a local business, the ‘’ or ‘’ version is best. But while you’re at the Registrar, also grab the ‘.com’ if you can and simply forward it to your local url. This makes it easy for your customers and an stop larger competitors coming in with a ‘.com’ version of your domain and stealing your traffic. Do a quick google search to find out if there are other products or websites out there with similar names, in similar markets. If so, you may need to rethink your branding, especially if these guys are already ranking with your keywords.

Why not a ‘.co’, ‘.net’, ‘.io’…?

Startup tech companies aside, the hipster cache around some domains doesn’t always translate for your business. Back to the noisy cafe and podcast test…. As the .com extension becomes harder to get, a ton of new domain extensions have come on to the market, but for now I’d still argue the .com is king of the heap. Get it if you can or think about building your brand around one you can get.