Build Massive Trust & Loyalty With This Simple Idea

Build Massive Trust & Loyalty With This Simple Idea-min.png

Consistency: It’s predictable. It’s safe. It's trustworthy.

And when we’re around a brand that’s like this, a tiny part of our brain, buried right down deep inside our Amygdala, houses a tiny neurone which fires and signals that all is well and we’re safe. No change here. No tigers waiting to eat us.

Because change means danger. Well it used to. Our ancestors lived with the day to day fear of being eaten. A change in our surroundings could signal a predator approaching. And those who survived the day were the ones with an advanced sense of noticing change in their surroundings - especially in the periphery of their vision.

It's in our DNA

Evolution took its course and today this trait has remained hard coded into our DNA and is the favourite plaything of Marketers and Brand designers.

Because trust is our most valuable currency in the marketplace. Without trust we won’t survive. Without trust we wouldn’t buy anything. Without trust we wouldn’t sell anything. It’s a Universal currency.

And the easiest way to make trust? We signal it to each other in the consistency of our look and behaviour.

And this is what you and your Brand should be all about.

Why Food Brands?

We buy the same brand name food over and over again because we trust that what we had last time will be the same this time. And what happens when it’s not? We feel betrayed, don’t we. We get angry. How could they do this to me? And what happens to the trust? It diminishes. And many brands do this.

So how do great brands deal with this kind of change?

They make announcements. Big bold and unmissable announcements so that the next time you consume it and it’s different, you’ll still trust them. Because they told you. And your judgement was right. You’re safe. For now.

When Luxury Brands Fail You

We see the same reaction in consumers when on the rare occasion, luxury brands decide to discount. Remember - discounting is the slow slippery slope to going out of business. It’s tempting. But that’s a conversation for another day.

Discounting in luxury brands is a slap in the face to anyone who’s previously bought that brand. Trust disappears as soon as that sale sign goes up. Because the behaviour is now not consistent with the message the brand’s been telling all these years. And where consistency walks out, trust is not far behind. And trust doesn’t easily come back.   

Your Brand

So when it comes to your own Brand...

Consistency in your look and behaviour is probably the number one most important factor in you not only surviving but building massive loyalty and trust with your market.

It carries more weight than just looking like you’ve now graduated to the ’professional’ level - same colour highlights throughout your website and your logo splashed on every image, business card and Tee. It’s more than that. Consistency signals to the World that you are trustworthy: “Place your trust in me and I promise I’ll be consistent and predictable and safe.

Consistency in your look and behaviour will go a long long way in helping you sell whatever it is that you’re selling to the people who want to buy it.

This powerful tool is used by major brands the World over. You can use it in yours today. For free.