3 Conversion Killers You're Probably Using In Your Agency Right Now

3 Conversion Killers You're Probably Using In Your Agency Right Now

Feelin’ lucky? Why leave it to luck when there are 3 sales conversion tactics that are sure to increase your chances of attracting new clients to your marketing agency. Seems simple enough? Selling 101. But there are 3 conversion killers that I’ve seen popping up on more than one occasion on more than one online marketing agency’s website. From single person operations in the back streets of Fitzroy to large brand firms in the UK.

Three simple website elements that help your visitors purchase their marketing services SOMEWHERE ELSE.

1. Undefined offer.

So, what are you selling exactly?

Your potential clients won’t really know what they need or want until you show them.

They’ll have a notion that Social Media marketing is the way to go or maybe something called Content Marketing because they came across an article on LinkedIn or one of their golf buddies mentioned it at the 9th hole.  SEO? That’s dead – or so her yoga friend said.

Your potential client wants you to guide them. They want to trust that you have just the thing for them – “Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Come this way.”

Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Website Design…these are all easy to understand descriptions for what you do when explaining it to people you meet at parties.

And as areas of expertise on your website, they do the trick.

But as Service descriptions, you’re going to have to do a little more work.

Here’s what I find most service descriptions look like:

  1. an image,

  2. a sentence, paragraph or two front loaded with benefits,

  3. a call to action

  4. and a testimonial.

But what is missing in most cases is the detailed list of what exactly it is that I’m buying.

As a punter I don’t want to have to work too hard to find out what you want me to buy. So show me exactly what your selling otherwise I’ll keep moving until I find someone who does.

Your in the ‘tailoring packages’ business? Your Client base will most likely be large corporates and this article may not be for you. But please don’t discard it just yet. You’re still selling to a person on the other end and they’re actions are governed by the same psychological triggers that guide us all.

For the rest of us, asking a prospect to call or email for a quote or consultation is like asking them to go away and find someone else who cares. It’s the wrong way to go.  It may have worked a decade ago, but with your competitors in the digital marketing space multiplying by the minute you’ll need something a little better.

Here’s what you need to do:

Simplify your speciality to One. If you really must, no more than 3.Define it as a monthly subscription service. As clients we are becoming trained in paying monthly subscriptions so it’s become normal in our World – phone, Netflix, website service, apps…Use your target market’s search terms and key phrases to headline your services.One phrase to nail the offer description. Make it specific and unique and include a benefit to your client.Include one or two sentences to add a little more specific detail to the offer.List all the details of the service in easily scannable bullets. Be short, sharp and specific. If you offer a monthly Social Media service then you’d say something like ‘5 original Social Media posts per week’ or a monthly Content Marketing service ‘ 4x 500 word lead generating articles’.Include an authentic testimonial with a face. A video is best.Clear unmissable call to action with an affirmative, benefit phrase like ‘Access Now’ or ‘See Pricing & Details’Link to your FAQ section where you tackle your Client questions – so what exactly am I buying here, what isn’t included, how does this all work, what happens after I sign up…? At the end of your FAQ you’ll include another Call to Action taking your prospect directly to the signup or content page.

2. No Price

What’s the second thing you do after checking out the offer on a new service’s website? Click that ‘Pricing’ menu link. Don’t have one? You need one.

Why do used car yards have big price stickers on the windscreens?

Because these old sales dogs understand consumer psychology better than most marketers (me included). They place the big price stickers there because they know that without them, their yards would be ghost towns. With them, customers can see from the road if that cherry red Mustang in the corner is worth taking a look at or not. Once inside the yard, the sticker’s job is done.

The same can be said for your service. Asking a prospect to email for a quote or call for a quote doesn’t work.

If you don’t have a clear price on your services, prospects will drive right by.

Not having a price says to me, you’re either unsure of how to price your services or you don’t really know what you’re selling or it’s going to be so expensive that you’re embarrassed to even tell me.

Here’s what you need to do:

Create a Pricing page on your website with a clear link in your top menu.Reiterate your Offer with simple bullet pointsInclude the Price big and bold – be proud of it. Don’t flinch.Include a bold call to action – either ‘Access Now’ or ‘Contact Us Here’Underneath your Call to Action include a testimonial with a faceInclude another copy of your FAQ under this to a) assuage any niggling doubts your prospect may have and b) to keep them on the Pricing page and not go off elsewhere to search for answers.Under this you should place another Call to Action with the same message so they won’t need to scroll back up.

3. Neglected Blog

And the third thing we check? Click that Blog link. Let’s see if they care enough about their own business and what they’re selling me.

We’ve all been guilty of this one at some time in our digital lives. For sure.

I was surfing the web last night while watching Iron Fist on Netflix  and came upon three Content Marketing agencies in quick succession. All three had Blogs that had been updated in 2016. This is April 2017.  I didn’t even bother to check their Social Media channels.

If I was looking for an Online Marketing Agency to take care of my content marketing, blog article writing and Social Media marketing would I even consider these? Would you? No. Of course not.

So the takeaway here is if you’re selling it, you need to be doing it. Enough said.

Leave a comment. Let me know if you’re guilty of any of these. I know I have been on more than one occasion.